Attorney General Candidate Supports Augustus Invictus

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Attorney General Candidate Supports Augustus Invictus

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Attorney General Candidate Supports Augustus InvictusTallahassee—“Augustus Invictus is everything the Libertarian Party has always wanted,” said William R. Wohlsifer, the first Libertarian candidate to run for Attorney General in 2014. “He is the voice honest political discourse has been lacking.”

Augustus Invictus, Candidate U.S. Senate Florida Libertarian
Attorney General Candidate Supports Augustus Invictus

Wohlsifer, who is the author of the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, said he left the Libertarian Party last year because of his distrust of political parties. “The Libertarian Party became so heavily ingrained in advocating against the two-party system in favor of a three-party system, I couldn’t endorse them anymore.”

However, he recently returned to the party with one purpose, he said. “I only have one vote and I have to give it to Augustus Invictus.” All voters in Florida’s historic primary on Aug. 30 must register to vote with the Libertarian Party by the deadline of July 31.

Wohlsifer, who is calling for an in-depth debate between the two Libertarian candidates, said there is so much Invictus can bring to the table. “Augustus is fully informed, doesn’t yield to pressure and refuses to compromise his values,” said the Tallahassee lawyer. “His command of language, both written and spoken, is extraordinary.”

When Invictus commenced his campaign for U.S. Senate last year, Wohlsifer said he was highly impressed. “I said ‘Wow’ this is what the Libertarian Party of Florida needs.” Even if Invictus was a little extreme on some of the issues, he said the party failed to shape and assist a fellow Libertarian in his endeavor to be a U.S. Senator. “Fear of being demonized in the media persuaded them to kick Augustus to the curb; I was very offended by that.”

Wohlsifer said he could not believe that some in the party did not recognize Invictus’ brilliance. “I thought since I had received 180,000 votes as a candidate in the state of Florida, some people would have trusted my judgment.”

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Attorney General Candidate Supports Augustus Invictus