Paul Stanton Low Blows Augustus Invictus Senate Candidate

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Paul Stanton Low Blows Augustus Invictus Senate Candidate

Open Letter to Paul Stanton
by: Raquel Okyay


Paul Stanton Low Blows Augustus Invictus Senate Candidate

Libel, Slander, Threats, No Response, Refuses Debate by Paul Stanton.  Invictus Takes the Moral High Ground.

Paul Stanton Low Blows Augustus Invictus Senate CandidateIntroduction: Since the first day I met Paul Stanton, opposition to Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Invictus, the day he announced his candidacy in late April, I approached him to debate Augustus. The Invictus campaign has since made phone calls, emailed, scheduled, announced, and issued press releases, all in our futile attempts to engage Stanton for debate, who refuses even to talk to us.

On Mon. July 11, I forwarded to Stanton the following correspondence with the warning that if the Invictus campaign did not receive a response from him within 24 hours, we would publish the letter en masse on the internet. We received a response from the Stanton campaign today of a non-response.

Last month, when Stanton issued a press release (which has since been deleted off the internet) comparing Invictus to the cop killers in the “Black Lives Matters” group, Invictus received several death threats.

Augustus pleaded with Stanton to denounce the violent threats. So did Stanton prove to be a Libertarian at heart and denounce the violence? No. Did he denounce anyone who would threaten violence upon his opponent? No. What did Stanton do in response? He contacted Facebook and had Augustus Invictus banned for a total of 10 days.

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Dear Paul,

The Libertarian Party has a long history of fighting the two-party system that naturally leaves third parties behind. The LP is left out of debates, ridiculed and ignored by the mainstream media, and mostly invisible to the American people. It is a daily struggle for our very existence as a political party to be included rather than excluded from the public square.

This is true for the Libertarian Party of Florida, as well. In 2014 when Adrian Wyllie was a gubernatorial candidate, his campaign commenced a lawsuit against the Florida Press Association and Leadership Florida for failure to include him in three scheduled debates. It was a great disappointment for the Party when Wyllie lost in that action and was denied access.

You, on the other hand, outright refuse to debate Augustus Invictus despite having received repeated offers to do so since you entered the U.S. Senate contest just a couple of months ago. Your argument that you will not legitimize your opponent’s Libertarian campaign makes no sense. Of course Invictus was a legitimate candidate long before you entered the race – that was never your decision to make. Obviously it is an excuse to cover up your own cowardice.

Rather than facing Augustus Invictus in person to debate the issues concerning to Floridians, you proceed to lambast him from afar with outlandish accusations of which you have no authority or firsthand experience to allege. All of your complaints have been asked, answered, and denied by the Invictus campaign, time and time again. Yet, you keep repeating yourself.

Any astute political mind knows that engaging your opponent in a primary is imperative a) to show your differences; and b) to deliver the Libertarian message to the public. Your failure to acknowledge these two key points shows your disdain for a Party that is eager to Libertarian UP! not down.

With all due respect, you grossly lack the skill and know-how to even consider running for a position as important as a United States Senator. It is incumbent upon us to fill that seat with a respectable statesman who is mature and prepared. Your refusal to debate Augustus Invictus in this historic primary race amounts to nothing less than dereliction and weakness.

James Madison, the fourth President of the United States of America, said, “The use of the Senate is to consist in proceeding with more coolness, with more system, and with more wisdom, than the popular branch.”

The modern word senate is derived from the Latin word senātus, which comes from senex, “old man”. Its meaning is derived from a very ancient form of social organization, in which advisory powers are reserved for the eldest men.

Repeated malicious and libelous attacks against fellow Libertarian Augustus Invictus does not make any of it true. The sole purpose of the puppet masters who are pulling your strings is to beat Augustus Invictus, not get Paul Stanton elected. You will be rejected the moment they have no use for you.

Please open your eyes, Paul. Drop out of the race right now and Team Invictus will consider taking you under its wings. Let’s combat the tyrannical Republican and Democrat Parties, respectively, together.

Sincerely, Raquel Okyay Team Invictus

Paul Stanton Low Blows Augustus Invictus Senate Candidate